4 June 2013
Company’s new production programme for 2013-2014.
•    Container and block technical inspection stations with axle load of up to 15t.based on mobile roller break tester СТМ 15000U.01М bed with play detector LD – 16000;
•    Mobile technical inspection stations in a trailer based on low-profile roller brake tester with axle loads of from 3 to 13 t.;
•    Trailer loader for braking system testing;
•    Mobile office units in trailers and quickly erected modular capsule type buildings;
•    Automated driver training systems, with road markings recognition systems and compatible with GLONASS navigation system;
•    Low-profile roller braking testers, with axle loads of up to 16 t.;
•    Suspension and shock absorber test stands;
•    Video Highway Code registration systems for traffic regulations violations at pedestrian crossings;
•    Automated weight-control posts based on VA-D portable scales for weighing motor vehicles when moving and stationary;
•    Transport vehicles monitoring system based on GLONASS satellite navigation with on-board safety parameters control function during transportation of special cargo and personnel;
•    ALCOZAMOK driver’s intoxication level monitoring system with GLONASS trackers;
•    TALISMAN automated monitoring systems for personnel location and health tracking.
•    New for 2013! VA-15C-2 and VA -15С-2М low-profile portable scales for control motor vehicle weighing.
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