Portable spectrophotometric alcohol analyzer with external printer, without keyboard

955 €

Product details AKPE-01М-01 EXP

The analyzer of ethanol vapor concentration in exhaled air AKPE-01M-01 is designed for the rapid measurement of the mass concentration of ethanol vapor in a sample of exhaled air.

  • Control expiration time.
  • Monitoring and registration of exhalation interruption and incomplete exhalation with display of violations on the display.
  • Express analysis and indication of the presence of alcohol on a short expiration.
  • Measurement of the mass concentration of ethanol vapor in the exhaled air with the presentation of the result on the liquid crystal display.
  • Preservation not less than 2000 results of measurements with a binding by date and time in fiscal memory.
  • Printout of the measurement results on the included printing device.
  • Objective examination: eliminates incorrect result in cases of fixed alcoholism in the oral cavity, indicates interruption of breathing, insufficient expiratory force.
  • Control of ambient air: automatically controls the alcohol content in the ambient air and the sample delivery system.
  • Protocol printout: the protocol contains measurement results, date, time, device number and protocol number. There is a fixed memory of results.
  • Performance: allows you to perform up to 80 surveys in one hour.
  • Accuracy: does not require calibration of the full service life and maintains the stability of the metrological characteristics without the use of calibration gas mixtures.

Specification AKPE-01М-01 EXP

Range of measurements of large ethanol vapour concentration in exhaled breath
From 0 to 1,500 mg/l

Range of readings
From 0 to 5,000 mg/l

Maximum permissible absolute error in the range of 0-0,200 mg/l
±0,020 mg/l

aximum permissible relative error in a range higher than 0,200 - 1,500 mg/l
±10 %

Time of measurement after sample selection
No more than 5 s

Set-up time after turning on at the ambient air temperature (20 ± 5) °С
3,5 min

Set-up time after measurement at the ambient air temperature (20 ± 5) °С
20 sec

Number of measurements in analysers without recharging the rechargeable battery
No less than 250

Power supply
Power supply - On-board network (12.6±2) V - Built-in rechargeable battery - Network supply and charge (5±0,25) V

Power consumption in the warm-up mode, no more
10 va

Power consumption in operating mode, not more than
2,5 va

Dimensional specifications, no more than
195x50x80 mm

Weight, no more than
0,4 kg

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