ALCOTESTER 02 Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

  • Increased accuracy.
  • No calibration required for 12 months.
249 €

Product details ALCOTESTER 02 EXPORT

ALCOTESTER-02 is a portable breath alcohol tester, accuracy and ease of use.
With one button to initiate operation and an iconic display to guide its sequence, the ALCOTESTER-02 indicates when it is ready to take the test. The subject simply exhales into the mouthpiece and the instrument automatically determines the breath alcohol concentration. If a proper sample is not provided, an icon indicates that a retest is necessary.
The ALCOTESTER-02 uses an electrochemical sensor that is specific for alcohol - the standard for portable evidential breath testers.  
ALCOTESTER-02 is professional breathalyzer for measuring alcohol in human breath.

Specification ALCOTESTER 02 EXPORT

Alphanumeric LCD

Range of calibrated readings, BrAC
0-2,000 mg/l

Power supply
Built-in battery 3.6 V 2.2 A* hour

0,4 kg

200x80x50 mm

Conditions of operation: ambient temperature
From 0 to +40 °С

Period calibraion
12 month

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