The TONIC window tint meter was designed for use on tinted and shaded glass.

  • Measurement of light transmission of both neutral and coloured glass.
  • 10 hours of continuous operation with a battery charge display.
  • Memory results of the last three measurements of toning.
  • Input of the license plate number of the motor vehicle into the instrument measurement protocol.
  • Transfer of measurement results to the LTK computer.
495 €

Product details TONIC EXP

The TONIC window tint meter was designed for use on tinted and shaded glass.      
The device can be used by various technical services, traffic police and the Ministry of Transport as a means of enforcing technical control requirements for road safety. It can be used for inspection by diagnostic centres, control centres for safety of road transport, and companies performing the work of tinting of motor vehicle windows, as well during technical inspections of motor vehicles.

• Self-powered by on-board rechargeable battery. 
• Accuracy of measurement is independent of the thickness of the glass. 
• Auto-tuning of the standard baseline of measurement and ability to sound alarm if the thresholds of light transmission are non-standard. 
• Fully automated measurement and documentation of results.

Specification TONIC EXP

Range of measurement of light transmission
4 – 100

Increment of readings

Maximal absolute error
± 2,0%

Thickness of test glass
Up to 20 mm

Preparation time for measurement, no more
20 sec

Power supply (rechrgable battery Li-ion)
3,6 V

Current consumption, no more than
0,16 A

Time of continuous operation without recharging, no less than
10 h

Dimensional specifications, mm, no more than - measuring unit

Dimensional specifications, mm, no more than - battery charger

Dimensional specifications, mm, no more than - light

Weight, kg, no more - measuring unit and light

Weight, kg, no more - battery charger

Conditions of operation: ambient temperature
From -10 to +40 °С

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