Motor vehicle headlight beam tester IPF-01

  • Measures the angles of the light beam coming from headlights of motor vehicles.
  • Measures the intensity of external light devices.
  • Measures the time from the turning on of turn signals until the actual light appears.
  • Measures the frequency of turn signal flashes.
995 $

Product details IPF-01 EXP

Headlight beam tester IPF-01 has been commercially available since 2002 and is an indispensable tool for monitoring, diagnosis and control of motor vehicle lighting devices in accordance with GOST R 51709-2001 or other applicable standards.

The new design of the instrument, the use of a membrane keyboard, an updated element base, an extended measurement range and a built-in battery have improved the consumer properties of the updated device. For metrological support of IPF-01, a standard ETO-2 illuminator was developed and is now commercially available.

IPF-01 is a modern, effective device for testig the parameters of light coming from headlights of motor vehicles which are in service, under manufacturing and after repairs and is used in various motor vehicle related enterprises and motor vehicle factories, as well as during technical inspections of motor vehicles.

IPF-01 is certified for use in the CIS countries and Bulgaria.

• A wide range of measured characteristics of lighting devices. 
• Optical recognition of a motor vehicle’s license plate, the subsequent storage of measurement results for transfer to an LTK computer. 
• Self-powered. 
• The device can be used at mobile inspection sites with smooth asphalt or cement floors, as well as in stationary inspection sites of fleet operators. 
• Transfer of measurement results to a central computer. 
• Works as part of LTK-META.

Specification IPF-01 EXP

Range of slope angle readings of light/dark boundary of a light beam in a vertical plane
From 0°00' to 2°20'

Maximum absolute error of slope angle readings of light/dark boundary of a light beam in a vertical plane

Limit of allowable absolute error of the optic camera unit of the measuring device in a horizontal plane

Range of readings of the strength of light from external light sources
From 200 to 125000 kd

Maximum relative error of readings of the strength of light from external light sources

Dimensions of the inlet of the gage unit lens
233x170 mm

Range of repetition frequency of flashes of turn signal lights
From 1 to 2 hz

Maximum absolute error of repetition frequency ranges of flashes of turn signal lights
±0.1 hz

Hoisting height of the gage unit
From 250 to 1600 mm

Range of operating temperatures
From -10 to +40 °C

Supply voltage - from DC source
From 10 to 14 V

Supply voltage - from built-in battery
From 3.5 to 4 V

Maximum weight, no more than
20 kg

Average service life, no less than
6 years


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